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The Best Way to Please Your Man - Sexually

G spot stimulation is all about creating the right angels so his penis rubs against the front of your vaginal wall. Here we look at the best g spot positions to help you hit that magic spot every time

Cow Girl Position

Cowgirl position is a great place to start when experimenting with g spot stimulation. Have your partner lay on their back, as you slowly rock backwards and forwards or in circular motions as you try different angles and levels of penetration to seek out your g spot.

If you're not sure it's working, a good g spot sex technique to try here is placing some pillows under his hips. This will tilt his pelvis, so as you move forward it's easier for his penis to rub the front of you vaginal wall and hopefully the spot you're looking for. Just remember that it's very easy to stimulate your clitoris in this position, so you really need to focus on the angle of his penis inside you to have a better chance of stimulating the g spot.

Reverse Cowgirl Position

Reverse Cowgirl is all about slow, sensual g spot stimulation. It can be a little tricky to get in to comfortably but it can make for wonderful g spot orgasms when you get there.

Carefully straddle him in the opposite direction, facing away from him and lean forward to hold on to his ankles. It's not likely that either of you will want to make any forceful or quick movements in this delicate position, but the point is to make slow languid 'figure 8' motions with your hips, or slide slowly up and down so his manhood rubs deliciously against your magic g spot.

Doggy Position

Doggy is one of the easiest and best g spot positions for hot body shaking g spot orgasms. Have him enter you from behind as usual but the trick for g spot stimulation here is to have his legs on the outside of yours. As he moves, keep your legs closed making a nice snug fit while you control the depth, tempo and level of resistance. This position creates a good angel for him to hit your magic spot as long as he doesn't get too carried away with his movement. It's more likely you will have g spot orgasms in this position if you are in control of the pace and movement.

Legs on Shoulders

This is a favorite for a lot of couples and is also one of the most common g spot sex positions. It's brilliant for g spot orgasms because as you place your legs over his shoulders, it tilts your pelvis just so, making it more likely for him to hit the front of your vaginal wall.


Spooning is also great for g spot stimulation because as you lie beside each other with his front pressing in to your back, it creates an almost perfect upward angel to hit the front of your vaginal wall. Spooning is also beautifully intimate.

Just remember that not all g spot positions will work for everyone, so take your time and find what works for you. Don't get discouraged if you don't find it straight away, it doesn't mean you don't have one. It's the right partner or even simply the right sex toy that will help you have those most wonderful g spot orgasms.

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