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Natural Ways to Tighten Skin

Let me tell you a quick story. Awhile back, I was looking for natural ways to tighten skin and in my quest I ran into all manner of crazy suggestions-from surgery to crocodile dung. Now I don't know about you but I don't think surgery is very natural and the crocodile mess? Well, that's best left to the Ancient Egyptians.

But I did discover some excellent natural ingredients to tighten skin.

Let's look at the reasons your skin is sagging and some of the ingredients that can help reverse this process.

One reason your skin is loosing its firmness is because of a loss of collagen and elastin cells. These cells are just not replenishing at the rate they did when you were younger.

These cells give your fact shape. Collagen is the "cushion" between your bones and your epidermis. Without them, you skin sags and wrinkles and you get that hollowed eye look you see in some older people.

You can encourage these cells to regenerate themselves faster with an ingredient that works as a "liquid skin". This ingredient penetrates your body and contains a type of keratin that encourages these cells to renew themselves faster.

Volunteers who used this ingredient for 18 days noticed a 14% increase in their skin's moisture levels and a 42% increase in their skin's elasticity.

Collagen and elasticity help keep your skin looking young and firm because they keep skin well hydrated and they prevent sagging skin.

Another natural way to tighten skin is with a special type of honey called Active Manuka Honey.

This honey is harvested in New Zealand and is proven to stimulate your collagen and elastin cells. Plus, it smooths and moisturizes your skin.

But this "liquid skin" and active manuka honey aren't the only natural ways to tighten skin. Antioxidants are among nature's best skin tighteners. They prevent premature aging because they destroy free radicals zipping around the environment and breaking down your cells. You can eat more of them in your diet-berries, spinach, tomatoes. And, get them in your skincare. Active Manuka Honey is a potent antioxidant. So is Vitamin E. So, there you are. Three natural ways to tighten skin. There are other potent anti aging ingredients available to you too. You can learn more at my website where I share about natural skin tighteners. Audrey Alexander has been researching natural skin and health care for over 3 years. Visit her site now to learn more about cutting edge natural skincare products she recommends after extensive research:

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