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Instant Virgin Spray For Vagina Tightening

Do you suffer from any of these vaginal problems?

  • Dry Vagina
  • Mucous in excess
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • A loose vagina
  • Bad vaginal odor


Instant Virgin Spray is a completely herbal formulation which helps the vagina regain its original shape and size bringing back the youthfulness in you. It is an effective remedy for enhancing the feeling of penetration and heightened sensitivity in the vagina. The spray is made from potent tropical herbs and butylene-glycol which are highly effective and proven for solving problems like vaginal dryness and lack of lubrication along with promoting overall optimal vaginal health.

Instant Virgin Spray works by tightening the vaginal walls and restoring the gripping power of the vagina as well as it is helpful in stimulating the G Spot hence making sex more pleasurable and highly satisfying. This is a perfect remedy for women who have lost their vaginal firmness due to aging, child birth or other factors.


Side Effect Of Vagina Tightening Spray On Your Relationship

Instant Virgin Spray has a very positive impact on intimate relationships specially when problems are beginning to occur due to a troubled sexual life. Instant virgin spray can rejuvenate your sexual life and make your relationship stronger because we are well aware that men love having sex with women having a tighter vagina because there is an enhanced feeling of penetration involved in it. So once your vagina become tighter like a virgin your man would be more than happy to have sex and your overall relationship will see a new honeymoon period.

. Added Benefits Of Vagina Tightening Spray

1. It off course tighten the vagina for heightened pleasure

2. Provides optimal lubrication and solves vaginal dryness problem

3. Suppleness in the vagina is restored.

4. Bad odor and smell are completely treated and it is also an effective anti inflammatory agent.

5 Microbial pathogens cannot harm you when you are using vagina tightening spray.

6. It contracts the vaginal walls making sex much more enjoyable then it ever was.

So hurry and order your Instant Virgin Spray and completely rejuvenate the health of your vagina. There is no better product available for women which can help them the way instant virgin does. Get back your love life and start experiencing intensive orgasms and make your man drool over your new found sexual vigor.

More Benefits Of Vagina Tightening Spray
It prevents the vagina from any type of infection and the skin which has become darkened with the use of harsh soaps or previous infections also gets lighter with regular usage of instant virgin spray.

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How does Instant Virgin Spray Work

Instant Virgin Spray (Herbal Vaginal Tightening)  starts to work within ten minutes of application, making the vagina tighter by almost 30% . It should be usually applied 15 to 20 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. It will make the vaginal walls tighter and enhance feeling of penetration. Its regular usage will help in vagina regaining its original shape and size. Please do not wash the vagina immediately after its use, as it will hinder the process of vaginal rejuvenation.

This herbal formulation works by optimal lubrication of the inner walls in vagina and tones them. It supports production of natural lubricants in the body by stimulating the bartholon glands which are responsible for release of estrogen, which is an essential woman sex hormone and is responsible of lubrication and stimulating sexual desire.

How To Apply Vagina Tightening Spray
Just apply 2 squirts inside your vagina ten minutes before sexual intercourse. The tightening effects will be felt within minutes of application. Complete effects will be noticeable after 15 to 20 minutes of application.

Ingredients In Instant Virgin Spray
Instant virgin spray is made from the following effective and potent ingredients glycol dinitrate, glycherin, aloe, butylene-glycol, vinegar and diethylene.

Common Questions For Instant Virgin Spray 

Are there any side effects of Instant Virgin Spray
It is a completely herbal formulation and has no side effects. A deep and detailed research as well as extensive trials have confirmed that it is completely safe to use. A large number of satisfied customer base bears testimony to the efficacy of this product.

Can I use it with a condom ?
Instant Virgin Spray is condom safe so yes you can use it with a condom.

Will It Cause Any Harm If It Goes Inside?
There is no need to worry as it can be applied in the inner layers as well..

Will it affect pregnancy afterward?
Not at all , it is all natural based and works from outside, so it is completely safe.

How long does its effects last?
It works throughout the day, helping vagina rejuvenate itself.

What are the other benefits ofInstant Virgin Spray?
It will rekindle your sexual life and improve your overall sexual well being.

Will Instant Virgin Permanently Change Shape and Size of Vagina?
Its regular usage will help vagina regain its original size and shape until you go through a pregnancy.

Is My Privacy And Money Secured
We ship it discretely and pack it in a way it will be difficult for courier person to detect what is inside and yes your money is completely secured as we offer a 60 day money back guarantee with INSTANT VIRGIN SPRAY


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