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Sexual Advice

Man fantasising of wife getting massaged by male masseur

Question. I am 32 and my wife is 27. We've been married for four years and don't have kids. During intercourse I usually don’t get a firm erection. She recently got a full body massage by a male masseur and was excited by it. Now I fantasise about my wife getting a body massage from someone else and get aroused by the thought. My penis size is three inches when erect. Can I still satisfy my wife? Please reply.

Answer. Why don’t you massage your wife and enjoy good foreplay. It's OK to get aroused by thinking about her getting massaged but get a sperm count done and have her examined as well to ensure you both are OK for conception.

Question. For the past two months, I have been suffering from recurring candidiasis. My sugar levels were found to be normal. The GP prescribed Neosporin H ointment and Doxcycline tablets, which work for about a week, after which the infection returns. What can be the cause of this, and what is a long term solution? Please help as I'm really frustrated.

Answer. If you have a partner, she should be examined by a gynaecologist. She may be the cause of candidiasis. Your doctor is the best person to advise you. Meanwhile, apply ClobenG cream.

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Guy Enjoys Oral Sex More Than Sexual Intercourse

Question. I am 23 years old, and prefer oral sex over intercourse. I have ejaculated many times into my partner’s mouth. Is this injurious to our sex life?

Answer.So long as you do not make this the mission of your life, it is okay. .

Test To Find Out If A Woman Has Taken Pregnancy Contraceptive Pill

I took three I-pills after having unprotected sex. Will this create any problems during my pregnancy or in the future? Out of the three occasions, I bled only once. Is there any test by which one can find out if I have taken I-Pills?

unprotected sex

Answer.It's foolish to take a risk with unprotected sex and equally not to go on to the low dosage birth control pill and continue the very high hormone dose of the I-PILL. Nobody will know except your doctor if you have a side effect to increase penis size. Read more on vigrxspraydelay.com

Shaking Hands With An HIV Infected Person

I am 29 years old. Seven days ago, I went to see my friend who is in the hospital due to some stomach infection. However, he told me that he is suffering from HIV. However, before he told me, I shook hands with him. His hands was sweaty. Is there any chance of getting any infection? Do I have to go for a HIV check-up?

Answer. Certainly not. Giving a feeling of being wanted by the handshake did a lot for his spirits. It will in no way cause you infection. You should have hugged him as well.

Should Hymen Be Broken Completely To Get Pregnant

When is the best time to have sex? Is it necessary for the woman to bleed the first time she has intercourse? Will a woman become pregnant if she has sex just once? What are the important things both partners must keep in mind before they plan to have sex? I have heard that the hymen must be broken fully for the woman to become pregnant. Is this true?

Answer.Anytime is a good time to have sex morning hours are refreshing. It is not necessary that a woman bleeds; the hymen can rupture due to other reasons such as masturbation, certain exercises, congenitally absent hymen, etc. Women have become pregnant after the first intercourse. They can also get pregnant if the semen is discharged on the thighs, with the hymen intact. Both partners should think about the consequences that can occur now and later what contraceptive should be used? Is the partner safe from an STD infection?

How To Avoid Painful Sex

Question. I am 23 years old and getting married in two months. We plan to have sex on our wedding night. What positions should I try so that it is least painful? If I start masturbating, will it loosen up the vagina and ease the pain?

Answer. Great idea, if you have the energy after the long prayers, ceremonies and hand shakes! Good luck! Why not follow the advice of the sage Vatsayana (of Kama Sutra fame) and wait a few days? It hurts less if the hymen split during foreplay (not with intercourse). For the pain, you can apply a tiny amount of xylocaine gel 2% in and around the vaginal opening, wait for 15 minutes and wash it off. You should feel no pain for an hour or two. I strongly advise pre-marital counselling for both of you.

Avoid Painful Sex

What is the purpose of a flavoured condom?

Question. What is the purpose of a flavoured condom? How is it used?

Answer. Flavoured condoms are worn by men during oral sex, meant for the partner’s satisfaction.

Guy Had Sex With A Girl For Three Years But She Never Got Pregnant

Question. I am 23 years old. For three years, I was in relationship with a girl and we had sex many times without protection. I always ejaculated outside and she never got pregnant. She recently got married and was pregnant almost immediately? How did that happen? I am worried that there is a problem with my sperm count. Now I am about to get married. Please help me out. I masturbate four times a week.

Is that the problem?

Answer.You threw your sperms out (luckily, you didn’t misfire), while her husband deposited his sperms in the vagina and hit the jackpot. If you are worried, get your semen fluid examined at a pathology laboratory.

Decline in the amount of vaginal discharge

Question. I am a 25-year-old woman and for the past few months I have noticed a decline in the amount of my vaginal discharge. This restricts my husband’s penis into my vagina during intercourse and makes sex quite painful. What can I do? Please help.

Answer. If it is clear fluid then it is a lubricating fluid which occurs when a female is sexually aroused. Is he in a hurry? Insist on more foreplay so that you get your first orgasm before he penetrates you and follow it up with intercourse. You could lubricate with your or his saliva or get KY gel.

Husband depressed about wife having affair

Question. I have been married for 20 years and we had a very happy sex life. My wife was recently transferred to Gujarat. So she comes to Mumbai over weekends. For the past year, she has been avoiding me sexually, and since we have a good understanding, I asked her if she was having an affair. She denied it. But she has told me that she fantasises about a big and long penis. My penis is 6 inches long and we have long foreplay. Last week, I told her to tell me the truth or leave me forever. She said she is having an affair with a younger man and they have unprotected sex. Should I leave her? What steps should I take? I am very upset and depressed.

Answer. You will have to quietly discuss matters with her and face reality. Ultimately, you will have to make the decision. Nobody else can do it for you.

Guy wanting to go in for sex change

Question. I am going to go for a sex change but I am confused. Should I do it in Mumbai or Bangkok? What is the difference between foreign and Indian sex change doctors? Are the results the same or do they differ? Please reply.

Answer. Both places have competent surgeons. But I think that in Bangkok, such operations are done more often.