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Keep Your Sugar Levels Under Control With Natural Remedies

Ayurveda is a world full of solutions to any health problem one undergoes. It has answer and antidote to everything adverse that affects your health or psychology. Its own set of ideology and principles of prevention for each ailment or problem is such that if followed, one can live a perfect and hitch-free healthy life. Ayurveda has also claimed to cure, prevent, maintain and balance diabetes or the glucose level in the human body which is very much prevalent throughout the world today and is also taking away several lives due to its fatal outcomes. Diabetes or 'sugar-problem' is a nutritional and hormonal disorder, characterised by an abnormally high level of blood sugar/glucose and the excretion of the excess glucose in urine. It results from a complete or relative deficiency or lack of insulin which leads to imbalances and malfunctions in carbohydrate metabolism and also protein and fat metabolism.

The various causes of diabetes are stress and anxiety, high carbohydrate diet, genetics, nutritional deficiency, laziness, obesity or improper functioning of diseased pancreas. There are some very basic and trouble-free preventive measures for cure and balance of sugar levels in your blood that the Ayurvedic world provides you:

- Regular exercising and physical activities.

- Having simple, naturally balanced and nutritional diet.

- Balancing work and stress levels.

- Getting regular health check ups done.

- Yogic asana like shashankasana.

- Having celery, cucumbers, string beans, garlic and raw fruits and salads.

- Having soaked-mashed Fenugreek seeds.

- Having bitter gourd juice or dried powder.

- Having gooseberry and turmeric juice.

- Having freshly boiled mango-tree leaves.

- Having fruit, seeds, leaves and seeds of jamun.

- Having direct or indirect cinnamon.

- Having soaked almonds in the morning.

- Having direct or indirect amla or Indian Gooseberry.

- Tulsi, Neem, Aloevera, Belpatras, grams, gram flour, soyabean, etc.


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